Web2 -The part of the internet that lets people create and share things online, like videos and pictures.

Web3 - Web3 is the part of the internet that uses blockchain technology to let people not only create and share things online but also own a piece of the internet itself. It's about building a more open and decentralized web, where users have more control over their data, identities, and transactions.

ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers; The organization that oversees domain names and IP addresses to keep the internet running smoothly.

DNS - A system that changes website names into numbers (IP addresses) so computers can find them.

DNS Record - A piece of information in the DNS system that tells where to find things like the website or email for a domain. There are several types of records, like A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, ALIAS, NS, etc.,

ALIAS Record - A record that behaves like a CNAME record at the apex.

A Record - Address Record; Connects a website name to the IP address of the computer where the website lives.

AAAA Record - IPv6 Address Record; Connects a website name to a newer, longer IP address that allows for more devices on the internet.

CNAME Record - Canonical Name Record; Links one website name to another, so both names go to the same place.

MX Record - Mail Exchange Record; Tells where to send emails for a domain.

NS Record - Name Server Record; Points out the server that has all the DNS records for a domain.

SOA Record - Start of Authority Record; Provides important information about a domain and its settings.

TXT Record - Text Record; Holds text information for a domain, often used to verify domain ownership and set up email security measures.

TLS - Transport Layer Security; A newer, more secure way than SSL to keep information safe when it's being sent on the internet.

TTL - Time to Live; How long a computer should remember a piece of DNS information before checking again.

Domain - The main address for a site (,

Subdomain - A preface for a domain (,

Registry - a smart contract containing all issued domains.

Registrar - a smart contract controlling a domain you can register subdomains in.

Registrant - the owner of a registration; the user buying a domain

Resolver - a smart contract storing the data for a given domain

TLD - Top Level Domain; The ending part of a domain, like ".box", ".com", or ".io".

SSL Certificate - Secure Sockets Layer Certificate; A digital certificate that proves a website is secure and helps keep information safe.

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