Configure email

This guide will walk you through setting up email for your .box domain. You will require an external email provider at this time in order to do this.

When using your .box domain for email, you will need to update MX and TXT records to point to the mail server and provide authentication. These records will be provided to you by your email provider.

  1. Access your email service provider and create emails against .box domain. This will provide you with the DNS record details you will need to set up in your .box emails.

  2. Click on My Domains and select the domain you want to use. You can select it by clicking on the domain name in the Domain column, or from the ellipsis menu on the right-hand side and clicking Manage In this example, we are using

  3. From here you can add the records you need as instructed by your hosting provider.

    • Adding Records

      1. Click on the Add new record button on the right-hand side

      2. Fill in the values for Host, Type, Value, TTL, and PRIORITY These values should be provided to you by your hosting provider

  4. Once records have been modified, click on the Apply Updates button

  5. You will be asked to open your wallet and proceed with the transaction

    • NOTE: This transaction only accounts for gas fees

Common Questions

What are these records I am setting?
  • Typically, you will be creating 2 or more MX records, and at least 1 or more TXT records

  • The MX records will point to the mailserver location itself

  • The TXT records will typically be the SPF and DKIM records

    • SPF records are used for email authentication to allow the mailserver to work with your .box domain

      • E.g., "v=spf1 ip4: ip4: -all"

    • DKIM records are for protection against spoofing, phishing, and to help prevent your messages from being marked as spam

      • E.g., "v=DKIM1; p=76E629F05F70 9EF665853333 EEC3F5ADE69A 2362BECE4065 8267AB2FC3CB 6CBE"

The TXT record Host values are not at the apex (@); does this matter?

This is expected; Mail servers will know where to look as these will follow a standard

The MX record I received has numbers at the start. What do I do?
  • You may receive an MX record from your email provider that looks like this: "10"

  • In this case, the "10" is the value to put under the PRIORITY column

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