Set up a redirect

This guide will walk you through setting up your .box domain to forward to another domain. This is useful if you want to direct traffic to another domain without hosting anything on your .box domain.

Redirecting your domain on

The .box team is hard at work šŸ› ļø crafting the integration of 301 redirects directly into the Domain Management page. Stay tuned, we're aiming to have this feature available for you in the near future!

Alternative Redirect Methods

In the interim, a free alternative that you can use to redirect your domain. We will cover a couple of them below.

Pizza Redirect šŸ•

This is an option that allows you to manage up to 5 redirects for free.

  1. Go to Pizza Redirect (

  2. Create an account and set the domain you want to forward to

    • You can do this from the homepage by specifying the Source (your .box domain) and the Destination (the domain you want to redirect to) and clicking on Create free redirect

  3. Finish creating your account on Pizza Redirect and confirm the redirect has been set. You will want to get the A or CNAME records provided by Pizza Redirect in the Hostnames table below, under the REQUIRED column. There will be one DNS record, either as an A record or CNAME record, per each Source URL you have used.

    • When you first see this screen, your DNS status may be set to "Checking", not Verified

    • If you want to add more source URLs, you will be able to by clicking the "Edit redirect" button on the top right, within the limits of the free account tier.

  4. Log in to your account and make the appropriate DNS changes

  5. Once the DNS changes have been applied, return to Pizza Redirect and confirm the DNS is set to Verified

  6. Test by visiting the .box domain you are redirecting through your browser

    • The redirect may take up to an hour to reflect, or at the latest 24 hours to properly propagate.

    • Typically, this will propagate within ~15 minutes

Use this site to check dns propagation:

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