Forward & Reverse Resolution

.box domains were built with the ENS token standard in mind, this allows the user to set token records.

Forward Resolution

What is Forward Resolution?

Forwards resolution is the process of going from name to address. As well as to load the records associated to a name. These records include but are not limited to text records such as bios, X handle, email, Discord ID, and more.

How does Forward Resolution work with .box domains?

Currently, all .box domains are automatically set to forward to the wallet that holds the domain NFT. No manual configuration is required.

Reverse Resolution

Conversely, reverse resolution is the process of mapping an Ethereum wallet address back to a human-readable domain name. Unlike forward resolution, a wallet can only be linked to one domain name at a time due to the limitations of the reverse resolution contract.

This feature is essential for displaying a user's domain name in dApps when their wallet is connected. It’s important to note that, as of now, reverse resolution for .box domains primarily operate on the Ethereum Mainnet, and might not be supported on other networks like Optimism without proper network configuration.

Setting Reverse Resolution

Although the platform does not directly support setting reverse resolution at this time, users can interact with the Ethereum contract directly to configure it:

  1. Visit the appropriate Ethereum contract for reverse resolution.

  2. Connect your wallet to the contract interface.

  3. Use the setName('') function to associate your .box domain with your wallet.

From this contract; connect your wallet and write setName('insert_domain_here')

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