WHOIS Information

.box domains are ICANN Regulated so require WHOIS information for the owner of the token.

What is WHOIS Information?

A simple way to think about WHOIS information;

as the "contact information page" for every domain name on the internet. Just like how a phone book or directory would list details to contact an individual or business, WHOIS databases serve a similar function for online domain names.

This information can be used for various purposes, such as identifying who owns a domain if you wish to purchase it, resolving technical issues, or for legal or investigative reasons.

WHOIS Alert States

.box domains are the first tokenized domain to conform to ICANN standards.

To clear the alert you need to create an account

  1. Go to my.box

  2. Connect your wallet

  3. Complete email verification

  1. Complete the WHOIS collection form

This information will stay private and only be provided upon a request from an appropriate body.

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