Earn with .box

Everything you need to know about .box community revenue sharing.

How do I get a referral code?
How do I get rewarded/attributed?

You can directly share your referral link and it will lead users to our homepage. If a user then proceeds to make a .box domain purchase within the next 7 days, and if it is their first time visiting the .box web app, you will be attributed and receive your reward within the next 45 days.

How much do I earn per .box purchase?

$18 USDC per domain purchased with your referral link.

Where will I receive the referral rewards?

The USDC rewards will be sent via the Optimism network to the wallet that you have set ENS Forward resolution on. Make sure to check your wallet balance while it is connected to the Optimism network.

Are there any limitations in terms of the number of referrals I can make/users I can refer?

No, as long as you adhere to the referral agreement.

Someone used my code, but I didn't get the referral reward; what happened?

The user could have used an Adblocker or similar feature that may have prevented the attribution. Things like adblockers are known for blocking scripts that services rely on for attribution. If someone has one on, it may prevent us from seeing that a purchase was referred by you.

Will I get rewarded on renewal fees as well? Or initial purchases only?

You will be rewarded for initial purchases only.

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