Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

Why am I receiving an error saying that I have insufficient funds?

Your $120 ETH/USDC (+ gas) is likely not on the Optimism network. Click here to learn how to bridge it to Optimism.

Why don't I see my .box domain NFT on OpenSea?

The NFT may be set as 'hidden'. Here's how to unhide NFTs.

Why is my domain missing in ‘My Domains’ on my.box?

It should appear almost instantly. Please wait up to an hour for your domain to appear. If it doesn't, please open a support ticket on our Discord server. Learn how here.

Why is WHOIS Info collected?

We’re required by ICANN to ensure our domain customers maintain accurate WHOIS contact information. Personal information is Privacy Protected and not published to the public WHOIS directory.

Why does a domain appear as unavailable but it doesn't have a profile?

See Reserved Names for the answer to this question.

I made a DNS change, why is it not appearing?

DNS changes can take time to show up. Usually, it's quick and might happen in about an hour, but sometimes it can take a full day. To check if the change is in effect, you can try using a different browser or a private window.

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