Reserved Names

Why are some .box domains reserved, blocked, or not available for online registration?

A .box domain may be reserved, blocked, or unavailable for online registration for several reasons:

  1. ICANN Mandates: We are required by ICANN to reserve certain domain names that correspond to specific organizations, such as the International Red Cross. ICANN provides a list of these reserved terms.

  2. Geographical and Organizational Restrictions: ICANN also mandates the exclusion of domain names that represent Country Code Top Level Domains or names associated with specific entities like "ICANN" or various countries and territories.

  3. Abuse Mitigation: To prevent misuse, some domain names may become unavailable as part of our efforts to mitigate abuse.

  4. Registry Needs: In accordance with our contract with ICANN, we may choose to withhold certain domain names from registration or allocate them for our own use.

  5. Operational and Promotional Use: We may activate certain domain names that are essential for the operation or promotion of our registry.

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